Control Point

Control Point: A Temporary Facility
21 November – 10 January 2009
Plymouth Arts Centre



Plymouth Arts Centre has invited artists Sovay Berriman and Steven Paige to curate an exhibition concerning artist-led practice.The galleries become a model about artists operating and active in the city of Plymouth and the UK. Control Point offers artists and audiences an opportunity to consider and examine how to accomplish significance and arm themselves with skills for artistic survival in the current climate, through workshops, talks, presentaitons and residencies. Centre to this notion is the importance of art production, with part of the gallery govern over to studio practice for the resident operatives to use. What is being tested here is the importance of artist-run practice, howit responds to change, being flexible enough to adapt and react to dominant political or cultural trends (whether for or against it). This has ensured that these places can maintain a key position in the mechanisms of the art world.

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